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It’s clear that today’s eCommerce sellers continue to struggle with how to best manage customer expectations along with satisfying the strict guidelines set forth by marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Most sellers list on multiple channels and platforms. Getting all of their customer messages sorted into one centralized inbox and automatically assigning inquiries to the right support reps have become critical steps in maintaining brand loyalty and satisfying those ever-increasing customer expectations.

We believe the future of eCommerce customer service is one where buyers and sellers can connect in the NOW, not days or even hours. That’s why we built Replyco. Our platform enables multi-channel eCommerce pros to organize, automate and communicate within minutes – all using one single tool, while giving access to unlimited users for accurate performance reporting.

How We Got Started

Replyco was created by a team of veteran software and eCommerce experts led by Founder and CEO Artem Verovenko. Prior to starting Replyco, Artem was part of the founding team at Linnworks (the U.K.’s largest multi-channel order management software provider), where he spent 9 years scaling the company to 3,000 paying customers and more than 100 global employees.

Having helped thousands of online retailers with their business automation needs, Artem found that each and every one of them would identify customer support as a key area in which they needed to improve. There was a real gap in the market, especially for eBay and Amazon sellers.

“That’s why I and my new team founded Replyco – to crack this problem for good.”

Artem Verovenko

After spotting the need for a truly effective customer service tool, he left Linnworks and got busy pulling together a team of diversely talented eCommerce experts. The entire group is dedicated to a shared mission: helping online sellers organize their messaging and improve customer service.

Where We Are Now

The Replyco team has developed a system that enables multi-channel eCommerce sellers to boost response rates, reduce inbox clutter and grow their businesses.

Our platform is easy to navigate and allows users to see everything they need without clicking multiple tabs. Customer emails from all selling channels are centralized into a single inbox that is simple to organize, filter and search. Users can also create faster and more accurate reply processes with templates and automation tools. Through Replyco, stellar customer service is right at your fingertips.

The Future of eCommerce Customer Support

Replyco is bringing about the evolution of eCommerce customer support. Centralized messaging is just the beginning. From returns and refunds processing, to instant messaging, to intuitive artificial intelligence tools, we intend to continually create new and innovative ways for buyers and sellers to connect quickly and accurately with no wait times and no stress.

Our Public Roadmap is here!

It’s like a window into the future, but better. Not only can you see what we’re planning, but you can be part of the process. Inside our new public roadmap, you’ll be able to:


As a global team, we’re very familiar with the concept of remote working, even before it became the norm rather than the exception. Tech companies have been slowly moving in this direction for years, but it’s taken a global pandemic to make it a widespread reality. And we think the work-from-home trend is here to stay. Not only does remote working give team members the flexibility to live life, but it also forces everyone to be more effective communicators.

How do we make it work? We utilize some of the most cutting edge software tools to help us manage our
business and customer support and live by the following 7 Replyco Tenets:


Clear and Timely Communication












Commitment to Quality

Keep Going. Keep Growing.

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