Here at Replyco, we pride ourselves on being a customer service company first, and a software company second.

Our top priority is helping eCommerce sellers improve communications by centralizing their customer messaging and organizing their email response process. In order to accomplish this goal, we have assembled a dream team of diversely talented industry experts — each of whom is dedicated to offering the best user experience possible.


Artem Verovenko

Artem Verovenko

Co-Founder & CEO

In addition to being CEO of Replyco, Artem Verovenko is a proud husband and father. He also loves to play and watch football (or “soccer” in the U.S.), and is an avid Chelsea FC fan. In fact, Artem has been a regular participant in Tamebay’s annual eCommerce Cup tournament.

Artem was a founding member of Linnworks, the U.K.’s largest multi-channel software provider.

Andrew Kornytskii

Andrew Kornytskii

Co-Founder & CTO

As chief technology officer, Andrew Kornytskii uses his knowledge of existing and emerging technologies and is responsible for the architecture and continued development of our software. The words “I can’t” are not in his vocabulary, and we hold him to that. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys fast, beautiful cars and “drift driving” (safely and legally, of course).

Andrew is also the founder of Brainence, a cross-platform development company.

Bogdan Zagurskiy

Bogdan Zagurskiy

Co-Founder & COO

As chief operating officer, Bogdan Zugurskiy oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Replyco. In the past, Bogdan spent 8 years playing semi-pro basketball. He also loves fast cars and traveling (so much so that Artem needs to always have a guest room open for him).

Bogdan was previously a founder of Lion Art Web Studio, where he helped hundreds of online retailers build successful web presences and go-to-market strategies.

Jodi Gaines CGO Replyco Helpdesk for eCommerce

Jodi Gaines


As chief growth officer, Jodi Gaines works across all Replyco departments and activities to accelerate growth. She is also a mother of two teenage sons, a writer and a gigging musician. When she’s not at work, you’ll likely find Jodi belting out a rock song on stage. London calling?

Jodi was previously a co-founder and CEO of ReplyManager, one of the first eCommerce helpdesk solutions on the market. It was sold to xSellco in 2015.

Alex Masurov

Alex Masurov

Product Manager + Head of Sales

As product manager and head of sales, Alex Masurov is essentially the “face” of Replyco. From informative (and entertaining) demos to all-access customer service, he provides support and product knowledge that are second to none. For fun, Alex loves to ice skate and drink beer, so you’ll likely run into him at the pub. Please say hello!

Prior to joining Replyco, Alex spent 15 years in the field of market research where he oversaw project management / sales teams in GFK and Kantar.

Sergey Maltsev

Sergey Maltsev

Executive Consultant

As an executive consultant, Sergey Maltsev advises the Replyco team on all sorts of financial initiatives. Outside of work, Sergey loves to travel and have fun. He once traversed all the way from Japan to Portugal and back by car. Oh, and he used to wear a pink mohawk (we have yet to see proof).

Sergey is currently head of Finance and Operations at Linnworks.

Tejas Dave

Tejas Dave

Strategic Advisor

Tejas Dave is an innovator in both automation and technology for eCommerce. As a strategic advisor, he plays a vital role in helping guide Replyco into the future of automated customer support. Unlike the rest of our football-playing, fast-driving, pink-mohawk-wearing, beer-drinking, rockstar founders, Tejas is squeaky clean and a super great guy!

Tejas is the Founder & CEO at Avasam & eBusiness Guru and an official member of the Forbes Business Council

Keep Going. Keep Growing.

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