Helpdesk Tool With Ecommerce Performance Reporting

Marketplace & User Performance Reports

Gain insights about your best selling products, customer service agent activity, marketplace performance & more with Replyco helpdesk for eCommerce.

Performance reports

Replyco Performance Reports

Replyco’s simple and streamlined visualized reports provide you with easy access to the most important metrics and eCommerce data you need for empowered decision making.

User Performance

Monitor customer support team members’ activity with data visualization reports. View a day-by-day breakdown of ticket count handled by each user and ticket status by user (resolved, unanswered, etc.). Take advantage of metrics like average response time, average resolution time, tickets per marketplace and so much more to assess your customer service performance.

User Performance

Marketplace / Product Performance

Which items constitute your most popular and profitable products? Which sales channels are performing the best? Which products are receiving the most customer support inquiries? What’s your total revenue? Replyco’s easy-to-understand charts and graphs provide clarity in all of these areas to help you strategically grow your eCommerce business.

Marketplace / Product Performance

Get Strategic with Better Data

In the world of online retail, data reigns supreme. Using eCommerce analytics and performance reports helps your company make more strategic and data-driven decisions to improve everything from customer satisfaction and marketplace performance to team productivity and inventory turnover ratio.

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