Cancellation & Refunds Policy

In the event that you ever wish to cancel your Replyco subscription and / or request a refund, you can learn more about Replyco’s cancellation and refunds policy below. More detailed information about our full terms and conditions can also be viewed here.


You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to Monthly subscriptions will end by the next renewal date. Yearly subscriptions will terminate upon request. Please note: your data will be kept on our servers for 30 days after your final cancellation date.


Replyco offers a money-back guarantee that enables customers to receive a full refund of their subscription fee if they choose not to use us for any reason. In order to receive this full refund, you must do BOTH of the following:


  1. Cancel your subscription by contacting us via within 14 days of your first subscription date.
  2. In that correspondence, notify us that you wish to cancel your subscription and receive a refund.

A refund will be issued via the same payment method you used when signing up. Please allow 14 days for said refund to be processed. If you encounter any issues, please contact your bank or card issuer and / or send an email to for assistance from our customer support team.