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Spark Sales Online helps eCommerce businesses drive sales by better automating, managing and navigating multichannel marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and more.

Spark Sales Online for eCommerce Sellers
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Multichannel eCommerce Solutions

We provide multichannel eCommerce managed services and account management with a focus on marketplaces. Not just eBay, but Amazon, OnBuy, Cdiscount, etc…

What we do for our customers:

  • Take their raw products data, optimize it for the marketplace SEO(titles, item specifics, descriptions, bullet points, search terms, etc) and create professional listings that generate traffic and sales.
  • Run paid ad campaigns.
  • Build eCommerce web-sites on Shopify and create ebay stores with listing templates.
  • Manage any other eCommerce day to day routines.
  • Provide full Linnworks implementation from scratch to go live.

The bottom line is that we take the hard and routine work on ourselves to free up your time, as well as creating an online presence on eCommerce marketplaces to drive more sales.