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Brainery | , | Autumn ‘22 Product Release: Shopify App, Aircall, Veeqo, Katana integrations, and more

Autumn ‘22 Product Release: Shopify App, Aircall, Veeqo, Katana integrations, and more

Take your business to the next level with new integrations and innovations from the Autumn ‘22 Product Release.

Never before have we announced four new integrations in one product release, making today’s release truly special.

From a brand new Aircall integration to a new Shopify App Store Listing, to integrations with Veeqo and Katana – there is something for everyone to enjoy in today’s release.

💡 Did you know? Replyco’s integration suite now consists of 21 integrations. Woop woop!

Shopify App Store Listing is now LIVE

Shopify takes great pride in its App Store and is known for having one of the most rigorous app review processes in the world.

Every company that made it to Shopify’s App Store sees it as a great achievement, and so do we.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Replyco has now been published in Shopify’s App Store, making it easier and more convenient for Shopify sellers to discover and use Replyco for their customer service.

Now you can give Replyco a go and install it directly from the Shopify App Store.

Aircall Integration

Aircall is the cloud-based call center and phone system of choice for modern eCommerce businesses. It was built to make phone support easy to manage – accessible, transparent, and collaborative.

With the new Aircall integration, you’re now able to connect your current and historical calls with tickets in Replyco and have a consistent record of all your integrations with customers in a single place.

To integrate your Aircall account, simply log in to your Replyco account and click on +Add Integrations at the top right of the app.

Don’t have Aircall account? Start your 7-day free trial.

Veeqo Integration

Veeqo is a free web-based application that manages orders and inventory. The company offers guidance to users to purchase products from marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay shops, phone, and retail stores. In March 2022, Veeqo was acquired by Amazon.

Veeqo customers can now enjoy a direct integration with Replyco and have their order data synced with their customer messages.

To integrate your Veeqo account, simply log in to your Replyco account and click on +Add Integrations at the top right of the app.

Don’t have Veeqo account? Register your free Veeqo account.

Katana Integration

Katana is a manufacturing ERP that gives a live look at all the moving parts of your business — sales, inventory, and beyond. Combining a visual interface and smart real-time master planner, Katana makes managing inventory and manufacturing intuitive while connecting to all the services you know and love.

Katana recently closed a $35 million Series B round to scale the business, operations, and team for their next growth phase.

With this new integration, you will now be able to match your Katana orders with messages in Replyco — all on one screen. This means no more switching between tabs and more time to dedicate to your customers.

To integrate your Katana account, simply log in to your Replyco account and click on +Add Integrations at the top right of the app.

Don’t have Katana account? Start your 14-day free trial.

Notes in Cases

We know how much you love our Notes feature, and it was only a matter of time for it to become available in Cases.

Well, that time has come. From now on, you’re able to leave internal notes for your colleagues inside every eBay case, which will be incredibly helpful when managing returns.

New “Resolve by” column in Cases

You have also asked to see how much time you have left to respond to a case (just like you do with tickets).

The new “Resolve by” column displays a countdown, automatically set by eBay, so you can focus on critical cases and better manage your workload.

Cases are now searchable in Global Search

Last but not least, cases are now visible in Global Search, making it super easy for you to find an eBay case that needs your attention.

Final Thoughts

There are so many advantages to having a helpdesk that manages all of your customer messages in one place, and we’re thrilled to add four more integrations to our growing list of integrations.

Our team is dedicated to implementing customer-requested features centered around saving time and money. We encourage you to visit our Product Roadmap and join the conversation.

Ready to give Replyco a go? Start a free trial or book a demo.


Artem Verovenko

About the author: Artem Verovenko

Artem is passionate about helping online retailers streamline their customer service. He currently serves as CEO of Replyco and previously spent more than 9 years helping Linnworks, the U.K.’s largest multi-channel software provider, scale to 3,000 eCommerce customers. Artem graduated with honors from London School of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, management and operations. Follow Artem on LinkedIn.


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