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Brainery | , | Summer ’22 Product Release: ChannelAdvisor Integration, Cancel eBay Orders, 2FA and more

Summer ’22 Product Release: ChannelAdvisor Integration, Cancel eBay Orders, 2FA and more

Transform your business with new integrations and innovations from the Summer ’22 Product Release.

Today’s release marks yet another milestone in our pursuit of customer service excellence and features some of the most highly anticipated functionalities from our Public Roadmap.

Pour some coffee, grab an éclair, and let’s get down to business.

ChannelAdvisor Integration

Get a 360-degree customer engagement view by automagically matching your incoming customer messages with ChannelAdvisor order data.

We are delighted to announce our long-awaited integration with ChannelAdvisor, a publicly traded eCommerce company that allows you to manage your product data, channels, sales, inventory, and orders — all while tracking your performance and growing your business.

With our new integration, ChannelAdvisor customers are now able to create a seamless, coordinated customer service experience without having to switch between ChannelAdvisor and Replyco screens.

To integrate your ChannelAdvisor account, simply log in to your account and click on +Add Integrations at the top right of the app.

Cancel, Refund, and Return Buttons for eBay Orders

Gone are the days when you had to go to eBay to cancel, return, or refund an order. From now on, you will be able to do all of that directly from Replyco.

Buttons can be found under the Order Details screen (as shown on the screenshot above) or inside an actual order by going to Tools → Orders and selecting a relevant order.

To start using this feature, all you need to do is to contact our Customer Support team so they can activate it on your account.

White Labeling

It’s now super easy to make Replyco a bit more of your own.

Available as part of our Enterprise package, this new feature allows our customers to fully customise the look and feel of the Replyco platform.

Add your company logo or change the colour scheme using the RGB colour picker. It’s super easy.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Protect your business, your data, and your customers by enabling 2FA.

In the modern world, the protection of personal data and business information is becoming increasingly important, and 2FA is an integral part of providing that protection barrier.

To set up 2FA, login and go to the Account Settings section of your Replyco account.

Seriously Improved Global Search

Take action on search results in fewer clicks, plus get more in-depth results with expanded search.

Now, in order to interact with the search results,  just right-click on the search result or tick several of them, and then select the desired action. No need to return to the ticket lists. And that’s not all.

Our customers also asked us to implement the ability to search the text of messages inside the ticket. And, voila!

We then decided to go even further and implemented Advanced Search, which allows users to perform complex searches with multiple AND / OR conditions. Our Global Search has never been so flexible!

Outlook Integration

Connect directly to Microsoft Outlook instead of using SMTP, POP, or IMAP.

As you probably heard, Microsoft has recently announced they will be removing basic authentication in Outlook for both Windows and Mac.

This means that customers who are using our SMTP and POP/IMAP protocols for Outlook accounts won’t be able to receive messages in Replyco. Not to worry.

To address the issue, we developed a direct integration with Outlook that features modern, more secure authentication practices.

If you haven’t yet migrated to our new Outlook integration, now is time to do so. Please contact our Customer Support team who will be able to assist you further.

Delete Forever Button for Tickets

In addition to archiving tickets (in case you need to see them later), you can also elect to delete them forever — super handy when spam is clogging your inbox.

Previously, the only way to delete a ticket was to archive it. But archiving isn’t the same as deleting, as it gets stored in the Archive folder as well as on the server.

Archiving tickets you might want to refer to in the future is the best approach, but what about dealing with spam? With the new release, just click the “Delete forever” button when choosing a bulk action, allowing you to get rid of messages that you won’t miss once gone.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading about our new features just as much as we enjoyed developing them for you.

Don’t forget that we are always on the lookout for new feature ideas. If you have one, make sure you submit it using our Public Roadmap.

New to Replyco? Give Replyco a go by starting a free trial or booking a demo.

Artem Verovenko

About the author: Artem Verovenko

Artem is passionate about helping online retailers streamline their customer service. He currently serves as CEO of Replyco and previously spent more than 9 years helping Linnworks, the U.K.’s largest multi-channel software provider, scale to 3,000 eCommerce customers. Artem graduated with honors from London School of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, management and operations. Follow Artem on LinkedIn.


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