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Brainery | | Introducing Replyco Brainery: Workshops & Webinars for Customer Service and eCommerce

Introducing Replyco Brainery: Workshops & Webinars for Customer Service and eCommerce

customer servicehow-to | May 12, 2020

Last Updated: May 26, 2020

Announcing Replyco Brainery - Customer Service and eCommerce Resource Center

Introducing Replyco Brainery, a workshop / webinar series centered around Customer Service and eCommerce.

Firstly, we want to let Replyco customers and eCommerce sellers know that we are fully up and running and our customer support hours have not changed. We’re working remotely, as many of you are, and making the best of it with our families and colleagues. We realize these are uncertain times and wanted you to know that we’re here to help keep your business going and your customers happy. That’s why we’ve decided to jumpstart the launch of Replyco Brainery.

Introducing Replyco Brainery, a free online series of workshops and webinars that will offer tips on using Replyco, case scenarios, customer support best practices and general insights from industry experts and partners in the eCommerce community. Most workshops will also follow with some downloadable material relevant to the topic. Our first episode will debut Tuesday, March 31st at 3pm GMT+0 and feature tips on how to streamline customer service using Autoresponders, Email Templates, Labels and SLA.

Replyco Workshop: Streamline Customer Service with Autoresponders, Email Templates and SLA


Streamline Customer Service with Autoresponders, Email Templates & SLA

Tuesday, March 31st, 3pm GMT+0

Learn how to proactively communicate with buyers using email templates, auto-responders and filters to manage workflow; understand auto-responder best practices; get first hand knowledge on how to configure specific case scenarios; and get your questions answered during a Q&A session. We’ll also send downloadable email templates for scenarios presented.

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We felt this was an important first episode as buyers are voicing their need for transparent and timely communication from sellers in order to maintain brand loyalty. ShipStation recently did a study amongst online shoppers and found that “85% of consumers need proactive and transparent communication, especially when it comes to delivery delays.” They went on to state that if a package is delayed AND there is NO communication, buyers say it will negatively impact their perception of the company. Customers are also asking for more flexible Returns / Refund policies.


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