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Brainery | , , | Customer Catch-up Workshop July 28 (Ep 2)

Customer Catch-up Workshop July 28 (Ep 2)

tipswebinar | June 25, 2020
Customer Catch-up - Replyco Monthly Workshop with Artem Verovenko and Jodi Gaines

We hope you enjoyed our Customer Catch-Up Workshop! Read on to review what we covered and to access the full webinar video.

In case you need a refresher, you’ll find a short summary of everything Artem and Jodi discussed in our Customer Catch-Up Workshop below. And if you missed the webinar or would like to view it again, we’re also including a video link to the full presentation. 

New Features

  • New Dashboard & Reports (Beta)
  • Ability to see the number of “Unread, Not Resolved” messages in a browser tab
  • Detailed user action audit trail inside a ticket
  • Ability to apply default Order Details properties to all users
  • Dark Mode theme
  • Branded auto-signatures when forwarding
  • Forwarding for multiple recipients
  • New rule that calculates the number of messages within a ticket and takes automatic action
  • New “Run Rules” button
  • Attachments converter for eBay
  • HTML editor for signatures
  • First name tag

Upcoming Releases in August

  • INR (Item not Received) Cases
  • Custom Fields
  • Ability to proactively communicate with customers

Roadmap for Q3 and Q4

New Replyco features and integrations that are planned or already under review:


  • Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Shopify Returns & Refunds
  • Amazon Returns & Refunds (A to Z Claims)

Under Review

  • Etsy Integration
  • Walmart Integration
  • Integration
  • ShipStation Integration
  • ChannelAdvisor Integration
  • CDiscount Integration

Many thanks to everyone who joined us. We were thrilled to interact directly with so many of our customers. And as usual, many of you came prepared with some excellent questions, suggestions and comments!

Remember: you can find answers to any questions you may have or access step-by-step guides to using our features and tools in our Help Docs, which are updated regularly. You can also follow along with what we’re working on next, request new Replyco features or vote for your favorites via our Public Roadmap

And feel free to watch or re-watch the full video of our Customer Catch-Up Workshop any time below (or by visiting this link to the YouTube video). 


Jodi Gaines CGO Replyco Helpdesk for eCommerce

About the author: Jodi Gaines

Jodi has been helping eCommerce sellers improve their communication and marketing strategies for more than 20 years. She currently serves as the CGO for Replyco Helpdesk. Jodi was also the co-founder, CEO and editor at ReplyManager (sold to Xsellco in 2015) and has helped manage growth strategies for multiple businesses and start-ups, including eBay, VWERL and Stop Aging Now (The Clorox Company). Follow Jodi on LinkedIn.


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