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eBay Account Suspensions: Types, Reasons & Ways to Fix Them

eBayecommercetips | April 17, 2021
How to Fix eBay Account Suspensions - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

eBay account suspensions can be stressful, costly and even devastating to your eCommerce business. Here are some tips for avoiding or fixing them.

No eCommerce seller wants to think about eBay account suspensions. But whether you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of one, or just want to learn how to avoid them, it’s important to understand what they are and why they happen.

Here are the most common types of eBay account suspensions, along with the reasons they’re handed down and ways to avoid or fix them. 

Types of eBay Account Suspensions

There are 3 common types of eBay account suspensions. They are as follows (listed from least to most severe): 

1. Account Holds

If your eBay account is put on hold, you can breathe a little bit easier knowing that as soon as you repair the issue, your account will likely be reinstated. Account holds generally occur as the result of late payments or a need to verify your account information. 

2. Account Restrictions

Account restrictions typically mean your eBay account isn’t fully suspended, but that eBay is enacting limits on what you’re allowed to do. An account restriction often prevents you from listing certain items or attaining eBay’s Best Match position

Account restrictions are eBay’s way of making sure that not too many shoppers experience problems such as late deliveries or canceled orders. Think of an account restriction as eBay telling you to improve your seller performance by responding more quickly to customer inquiries, packaging orders well and shipping them out expediently and keeping your listings accurate. Once you improve your seller metrics, you should see your account restrictions lifted. 

3. Full Account Suspensions

A full account suspension usually means you’ve seriously violated eBay’s rules and policies. eBay will typically hand down suspensions for 7, 10 or 30 days — or even indefinitely. The length and level of suspension will depend on the severity of the violation. 

Full suspensions are usually put into place after eBay has issued several warnings or prior restrictions / holds. However, there are cases in which one instance of especially bad customer service or blatant violation (such as scamming or lying to customers) can result in full restriction. 

And once your account is fully suspended, listings can end early, fees may be forfeited and the accounts of other members in your household might even be suspended.

Reasons for eBay Account Suspensions

There are a number of reasons why your eBay account may be put on hold, restricted or fully suspended. Here are some of the most frequent issues that arise, also listed in ascending order of severity: 

  • Payment issues (you owe eBay money).
  • Late order shipments.
  • High “Transaction Defect Rate” (should aim for 2% or less).
  • Consistently failing to resolve buyer complaints / cases.
  • Attempts to manipulate seller metrics (such as pressuring customers to change feedback).
  • Listing or attempting to sell prohibited items.
  • Using content in your listings or customer messages that isn’t allowed by eBay (stock photos, contact info, copyrighted materials). 
  • Being abusive towards customers or using any abusive language or hate speech in listings or messages.
  • Scam behavior (listings items you don’t actually have, collecting money and never sending orders to customers). 

Ways to Fix / Avoid a Suspension

In order to avoid eBay account suspensions, you need to understand and obey eBay’s seller rules. As long as you make any payments you owe, are honest in your product listings, provide good customer service and adhere to all of eBay’s regulations, your account should be safe. 

However, if you find your eBay account suspended, here’s what you need to do in order to get back up and running… 

1. Assess Suspension Type

First of all, you need to read any notice you receive from eBay carefully. Find out what kind of suspension you’re receiving. Is it an account hold, restriction or full suspension? 

2. Determine the Reason for Your Suspension

Next, you need to determine the reason(s) for your suspension. eBay typically gives notice of exactly why your account is being suspended. If you believe there is an error, you can appeal the decision to eBay. But if the suspension is valid, then the notice might have some information as to what your options are or what you need to do to fix the issue.

3. Fix the Issue

Once you know the suspension type and reason, you can take steps to remedy the situation. If your account is on hold because of late payments, then pay what you owe. If you’re restricted because of poor seller performance, then do everything you can to take better care of customers.

Whatever the issue, do everything you can to make things right and get your account in line with eBay’s rules. 

4. Let eBay Know

Finally, once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, let eBay know about it. And even if eBay refuses to reduce the length of your suspension this time, you will at least be armed with the knowledge to avoid anything like this happening again. 

Final Thoughts & Tips

If you sell on eBay, there are a few other important things for you to consider when it comes to eBay account suspensions. 

For starters, be careful to avoid scams. Fraudsters may send dishonest notices of eBay account suspension in a phishing or scam attempt. Make sure any notices you receive really originated from eBay before responding. And if you’re ever unsure, simply log in to your eBay account and look for notifications or issues there. You can always reach out directly to eBay to stay on the safe side and verify a notice you received was really from them. 

Lastly, one of the best ways to keep your eBay account in good standing is to provide amazing customer service. It’s important that customers can reach you easily if they have questions or problems, and that you respond quickly. 

We know eCommerce customer service may seem daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone. Replyco exists to help sellers consolidate messages from all of their marketplaces and platforms into one easy-to-use inbox. And with the ability to manage eBay cases and even process returns / refunds right in your Dashboard, Replyco is a dream come true for eBay sellers. 

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