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Twitter Shop Module: What We Know So Far

Twitter Shop Module: What We Know So Far - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Social media eCommerce pilot program Twitter Shop Module was launched July 28. Here’s what we know about it so far.

If you actively follow eCommerce news and developments, you know that the industry is buzzing about Twitter “Shop Module.” Launched in the US today, Shop Module represents Twitter’s latest move in the eCommerce space — and it’s a big one.

Let’s dive right into everything we know so far about Twitter Shop Module. Keep reading to discover what it is and what it could mean for sellers and the eCommerce industry.

What Is Twitter Shop Module?

As we already mentioned, the Twitter Shop Module was launched in the US on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. According to TechCrunch, it is a pilot “aimed at testing the potential for eCommerce” on the Twitter platform. 

The Shop Module lets brands showcase and sell their items directly to social media users via the business’ Twitter profile. 

The way it works is that users can easily browse through a carousel of product images. They can then click through on any item they want to purchase. This results in the brand’s website opening up inside the Twitter app itself. At this point, customers can learn more about the product and / or purchase it. 

Who Can Use Twitter Shop Module?

The Twitter Shop Module will appear at the top of any supported Twitter profile, and can be seen by US users on iOS devices. Representatives from Twitter explained that only businesses with a Professional Profile will be able to use the feature.

Professional Profiles are another new Twitter offering that began testing in April. Similar to Facebook Business Pages, they allow entities to display company info such as addresses, phone numbers and office hours directly on their profile.

Currently, Twitter’s Shop Module is only being made available to a select group of brands across various industries. These brands include GameStop, Arden Cove and approximately 10 others.

Why Did Twitter Launch Shop Module?

Customers are known for using Twitter and other social media channels to research products, reach out to brands and even share feedback. With the launch of Shop Module, Twitter is hoping to determine whether users could eventually view the social media giant as a go-to shopping platform. 

For example, Twitter wants to explore whether shoppers might tend to make impulse purchases on the platform based on social media conversations (such as sports fans who are discussing a game and wind up buying a jersey). They also want to discover whether the Shop Module leads to customers buying products with a more long-term impact, like a new skincare regimen. 

This is why Twitter is testing the module amongst brands in a wide variety of industries and shopping verticals. The company wants to gather plenty of data in order to analyze it and figure out the best approach. Twitter also shared plans to create a new Merchant Advisory Board, with the aim of working directly with businesses to better understand their needs. 

What Else Do Sellers Need to Know?

Currently, Twitter isn’t offering any option for interested businesses to sign up for the Shop Module pilot due to how early it is in the testing process. However, eCommerce sellers would be wise to watch developments in this space. After all, if successful, Shop Module could present a whole new way to reach, engage and acquire new customers. 

As we wrote about very recently, social media eCommerce is rising fast. This latest foray by Twitter is yet another example of the growing social commerce trend. From shopping features on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp to this new Twitter Shop Module, it is obvious that sellers need to remain very aware of every convergence between social media and eCommerce. 

Final Thoughts

Adapting is one of the primary keys to online selling success. For most eCommerce pros, it is important to meet shoppers where they are. So make sure you stay plugged into where customers are finding and buying products! 

While Twitter’s Shop Module isn’t available to every interested seller just yet, if successful, it could be an important factor to watch. Do your customers interact with your brand extensively via Twitter or other social media channels? If so, or if you’re looking to grow your online presence, you might want to look into joining the social commerce wave. 

And remember, the more channels on which you sell, the more crucial it is to stay on top of your customer messaging. Luckily, Replyco can help! We offer an ever-growing list of seamless integrations, customizable email templates and much more.

Ready to streamline your customer service while saving loads of time and money? 

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