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Brainery | | Workshop: Streamline Customer Service

Workshop: Streamline Customer Service

customer servicehow-to | May 12, 2020

Last Updated: July 28, 2020

Learn messaging best practices, how to prepare and create a workflow and watch a demonstration on implementing autoresponders, email templates and more.

Learn how to proactively communicate with buyers using email templates, auto-responders and filters to manage workflow; get first hand knowledge on how to configure specific case scenarios; and get your questions answered during a Q&A session.

In this workshop:

  • Message from CEO Artem Verovenko
  • Communicating in a COVID-19 world
  • Establishing a workflow
  • Messaging best practices
  • Create email templates (standard replies)
  • Create  and implement autoresponders
  • Use rules and filters to identify messages
  • Automatically sort and tag messages for specific users or departments
  • Set SLA standards so you don’t forget the important stuff
  • Listen to Q&A from attendees

Scenarios we address:

  • Where is my order
  • Out of stock
  • Business hours
  • Return Policy / Where to send returns
  • Expect delay due to Coronavirus



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