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How to Sell Like-New Items on Amazon Renewed

Amazonecommercetips | April 21, 2021
What Is Amazon Renewed? - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Explore everything eCommerce pros need to know about Amazon Renewed — including the definition, allowed items, how to get started and more. 

Amazon Renewed can be a great way to sell off your unused-but-returned, barely used and like-new merchandise. But before you begin listing products, there are a few things to consider (like the definition and how to even get started selling via this method).

Keep reading to discover everything eCommerce pros need to know about selling like-new items on Amazon Renewed.

Amazon Renewed Definition

First of all, what exactly is Amazon Renewed? The simple answer is that Amazon Renewed is a program for selling like-new products on Amazon. In order to be eligible for Amazon Renewed, an item must fit one of the following categories:

  • Refurbished
  • Pre-Owned
  • Open-Box


A refurbished item is typically a product that has been used, returned and repaired in some way. Items in this category often include electronics such as laptops or smartphones. In those cases, the product may not have worked properly for the original buyer. So, upon receiving a return, the seller repairs the item to “like-new” condition and sells it as refurbished.


Like refurbished items, pre-owned products have also been used and then returned. However, these items are generally in newer, better condition upon being returned to the seller. For example, a shopper may have purchased a laptop or even a pair of shoes, used the item for a very short while and then simply decided it wasn’t the right product for them. 


Open-box items represent the best condition for Amazon Renewed products. These items have been opened and / or removed from their packaging, but have never been used by a customer. 

Amazon Renewed Guarantee

In order to be sold via Amazon Renewed, items need to have been repaired (if necessary), inspected, tested and cleaned. All third-party sellers are responsible for completing these steps themselves. 

Amazon Renewed products should be in like-new condition, including their appearance and functionality. Some Amazon Renewed refurbished or pre-owned items may have minor scuffs, scratches or other cosmetic imperfections, but they still need to work like a new product. And it’s important that you note any possible esthetic issues in your product description in order to be fully transparent with your customers. 

Products sold this way are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. This guarantee is a warranty that allows customers to return products for a full refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase if they have any issues with the item. 

Items That Can Be Sold

Products in a wide range of categories can be sold on Amazon Renewed. Just a few of the allowed item types include:

  • Phones.
  • Cameras.
  • Headphones.
  • Kitchen Appliances.
  • Power Tools.
  • Personal Computers.
  • Tablets.
  • Television Sets.
  • Video Game Consoles.
  • More.

To learn more about optional product categories, you can check out Amazon’s page on the subject here.

How to Get Started Selling

In order to get started selling on Amazon Renewed, there are a few steps you need to follow… 

Get Approved

Amazon actually has pretty strict guidelines on who is allowed to sell on Amazon Renewed, so you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements.

Anyone who wants to sell on Amazon Renewed must show that they have purchased at least $50K worth of “qualifying refurbished items” within the last 90 to 180 days depending on the product category. Sellers must also offer a warranty of at least 90 days and maintain an order defect rate (ODR) of 0.8% or less.

If you want to sell refurbished items that aren’t backed by a manufacturer warranty, you’ll need to show Amazon a minimum of 8 images of a sample item. These images must also include the packaging the product will ship in, as well as the product from all sides. Learn more about approval requirements here.

Choose & Acquire the Items You’ll Be Selling

Once you’re approved, you need to determine and acquire the items you want to sell. If you’re already an eCommerce seller, it’s probably best to stick with an industry that you already know. And as we covered in our article on how to sell books on Amazon, deciding which items to offer is all about finding the right middle ground in terms of product demand. A few places to source items include liquidation companies and manufacturers.

Register & Start Selling

Finally, it’s time to start selling your Amazon Renewed items! If you’re not already an Amazon seller, you’ll need to first register as a seller. Then you’ll simply complete an Amazon Renewed application by answering all of the questions and submitting any required information. 

Once you’re approved, you can start creating listings and selling products on Amazon Renewed! 

Final Tips

If you’re considering selling on Amazon Renewed, we have a few final tips to offer. First of all, make sure you are being honest in all of your product listings. It’s also important to ensure your products are functioning properly and in like-new condition before listing them. Want to learn more about writing product descriptions and value propositions that sell? You can read our full-length guide on the subject here.

Lastly, don’t drop the ball when it comes to your customer service. As you begin selling more and more refurbished items, customer messages will undoubtedly increase rapidly. Get ahead of the game by using Replyco helpdesk software for eCommerce to consolidate messaging from all of your selling channels and platforms into one easy-to-use inbox. Amazon sellers can even take advantage of tools such as our Amazon “No Response Needed” button to improve marketplace metrics and crush response time goals. 

Learn more by taking a tour of our features, or get started with your free trial today! 

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