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Brainery | | Replyco Sprint 7: New Features Take User Experience to the Next Level

Replyco Sprint 7: New Features Take User Experience to the Next Level

Replyco Sprint 7 - New Features including eBay Returns and Refunds

With eBay returns / refunds (beta), upgraded Linnworks functionality and more, the Replyco Sprint 7 features mark a new era in streamlined customer service.

If you’re already a Replyco user, you undoubtedly understand the value of centralizing your customer messaging. Our goal has always been, and always will be, to make the lives of sellers easier. We also strive to help you maximize efficiency when it comes to customer service. It’s what drives our development team to add new features and make old ones even better. On that note, we’re dancing in the aisles as we announce the Replyco Sprint 7 update! Here we go…

eBay Cases, Returns / Refunds (Beta)

Replyc - eBay Cases Returns and Refunds - Detailed View

Every eBay seller knows what a drawn out process issuing a return / refund is in the eBay system. First of all, you have to click through multiple different screens to process a return / refund or perform any necessary actions. Additionally, you receive a new, separate message and subject line for every update or change in status within the same case. Ugh! So time-consuming!

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that eBay Cases has now moved to the beta testing stage, only available to existing customers and those in trials. The newly featured eBay Cases tab will allow sellers to view and respond to complaints, issue returns / refunds or item replacements, and see any related messages all in the same screen.

Conversations around tickets and cases will be linked and threaded alongside case details. Sellers will also be able to view and upload images — just like in eBay — but with fewer clicks and less hoops to jump through. Any teammate who is an authorized Replyco user will be able to handle cases and process eBay returns / refunds, as long as they have permission to do so. Plus, no more having to share your eBay login with staff members.  

An official release date has not yet been set, but rest assured, it won’t be long now. Stay tuned for the announcement.

Stored Shipping Labels (Beta)

Replyco - Upload and store shipping labels for eBay Returns Refunds

This one is kind of a big deal too. To further reduce processing times for returns / refunds, eCommerce sellers will also be able to create company-specific shipping labels for item returns. Now, instead of having to create a new label each time you need to send one to a customer, you will be able to upload and access your saved labels within your Replyco account. 

It works much like saved templates. When you click to upload a label for a return, just grab the one you’ve saved instead of having to search for the correct label. 

Clickable Tracking Numbers

Replyco - Screenshot of Clickable Shipping Tracking Numbers

If you remember, our Sprint 6 update included clickable order numbers. With the Replyco Sprint 7, we are taking that a step further and offering clickable tracking numbers. 

No more having to figure out which courier an item shipped through and then copy / paste the tracking number into the courier’s website. Users can now simply click on the tracking number and be taken directly to the carrier site to view shipping or delivery status.

This is currently available for the majority of U.K. carriers and many in the U.S., and we’re constantly adding new ones.

Orders Tab

Replyco - Order Summary Screen with Detail window

The Orders tab consolidates all orders under one roof along with related tickets. Users can filter by order number, account, purchase date, creation date, etc. It’s yet another way to give sellers instant access to the data they need to provide faster and more accurate customer service. 

Dedicated Customer Tab

Replyco Helpdesk Dedicated Customers Tab

Users can now view customer data from a dedicated tab, making it easier to search and locate past interactions, messages and orders. This is just another way Replyco helps sellers provide the best customer service possible.

Improved Linnworks Integration Functions

Attention Linnworks users: this one’s for you! For sellers who use Linnworks to manage inventory, handle shipping, post orders on various selling channels and more, we know how important optimal Linnworks functionality is for your business.

  • Linnworks Automated Notes Sync
  • Linnworks Channel SKU Attribute in Order Details Screen
  • Ability to Utilize Linnworks Order ID as Tag

Snooze Messages

Snooze Email for Reminders in Replyco

Some days we just need a little more time or a gentle reminder for another day. That’s why we’ve added Message Snooze.

Much like the snooze button on your alarm clock (or phone), Snooze enables you to delay taking action without fully dismissing a notification.

Snooze can be used in a couple different ways:

  • It allows you to temporarily delay a response and remove it from your inbox until you’re ready to get back to it.
  • It can also be a great tool for setting message reminders.

For example, if you want to follow up on the status of an inquiry, you can set it to snooze for three days. At the end of the third day, the email will appear in your inbox as needing a response and you’ll know you need to address it.

More to Love About Replyco Sprint 7

Just a few more of the Sprint 7 upgrades include:

  • Include attachments in Email Templates
  • Ticket changelog with user details (who viewed or took action)
  • Sort notes by oldest or most recent
  • Automatic placement of text cursor in message box after clicking “Respond”
  • Account Integration Name added to the Order Details view
  • Accurate Product Quantity under Product Details section
  • Improved User Performance reports
  • Added Integration with Gmail
  • Other improvements

To learn more about all of our new features, see what’s coming in the pipeline or vote on what you need most,  be sure to check out the Replyco Roadmap.

And as always, if you are interested in getting control of your messaging today, get started with your 7-day FREE trial!

Jodi Gaines CGO Replyco Helpdesk for eCommerce

About the author: Jodi Gaines

Jodi has been helping eCommerce sellers improve their communication and marketing strategies for more than 20 years. She currently serves as a Strategic Advisor for Replyco Helpdesk. Jodi was also the co-founder, CEO and editor at ReplyManager (sold to Xsellco in 2015) and has helped manage growth strategies for multiple businesses and start-ups, including eBay, VWERL and Stop Aging Now (The Clorox Company). Follow Jodi on LinkedIn.


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