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Sprint 13 Debuts More Customized SLA & Live Chat Management

Sprint 13 Debuts More Customized SLA & Live Chat Management - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

From better SLA control to new live chat options and more, Replyco’s Sprint 13 update lets users tailor and streamline their customer support strategy.

We are thrilled to announce the latest Replyco update: Sprint 13! This feature-packed release includes new tools and capabilities that give Replyco users more control over their customer service management.

Users can now tailor the way they view and handle SLAs, manage live chat and so much more. And in addition to improved customization, we’ve also made a few tweaks to help sellers provide more accurate, effective support — enabling you to develop better response strategies and keep shoppers happy. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Replyco’s Sprint 13 update…

Handle SLAs Your Way

Among the most significant developments in our Sprint 13 release are all of the improvements to how tickets can be handled. This is where so much of the customization comes into play, as we’ve added the ability to tailor how you calculate, sort and prioritize your SLAs. 

SLA Calculation

SLA Calculation - Sprint 13 - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

First of all, when you create a new SLA in the Replyco system, you can now decide how you would like for it to be calculated. You can choose either calendar hours or working hours. That means, for instance, that if you elect to calculate an SLA by working hours, your time will only begin counting down during the hours your business is open. But if you select calendar hours, the time to handle the SLA will begin running as soon as a message is received, even if it’s during your off-hours. 

SLA Sorting

You can also now choose how you want tickets to be sorted. For example, you can have your tickets sorted by priority (recent, overdue, etc.), or decide not to do so. The control is entirely in your hands. 

View SLA by Specific Priority

Additionally, you now have the ability to use our new “Priority” field in the filter to hone in on any specific SLAs you’d like to see. For instance, if you only want to view tickets that are overdue, then select “Overdue” in the “Priority” field.

Better Respond / Resolve Accuracy

Better Respond / Resolve Accuracy - Sprint 13 - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Next up, “Respond till” and “Resolve till” are now much more accurate. But before we explain the updates, let’s cover what these functions are. “Respond till” is your SLA regarding how quickly you need to respond to a message from a customer. “Resolve till” is your SLA that dictates how quickly you need to resolve a ticket. 

In the past, “Respond till” calculated from the time when the last message was received from a customer. But what if a customer had sent you messages about an issue at 8pm Saturday, 7pm Sunday and 7am Monday morning? 

Then, when you began work at 9am on Monday, it would have appeared to you that the customer had only been waiting two hours for a response (since they sent their last message on Monday morning). If you had your “Respond till” SLA set at three hours, you would falsely believe you were still within the appropriate window. However, in actuality, they’ve been waiting for a response since sending their first message on Saturday, which far exceeds your SLA. 

We’ve addressed the issue by setting “Respond till” to calculate the time since a customer sent their first message. That way, you know that this inquiry needs to be made a top priority because the customer has already been waiting multiple days for a reply from your team (in this example, anyway). 

Resolve Till - Sprint 13 - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Likewise, “Resolve till” now also calculates from the time when the first customer message was received. So you know exactly how long you have to get any question resolved within a satisfactory time frame. 

Taking Live Chat Support to the Next Level

Live Chat - Sprint 13 - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

We’ve also added a ton of new customization and improvements to our Live Chat widget. Find them all below:

  • Users can now turn the Live Chat widget visibility on / off during and outside of working hours for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Users and customers can now see the online statuses of one another in the Live Chat widget.
  • A typing indicator has been added for both users and customers.
  • The website page / URL from which a Live Chat customer message originated will now display in the widget.
  • Users can now display the GDP privacy policy in their Live Chat widget for customers to view and accept. 
  • Open / closed statuses for Live Chat are now available. This means users can organize Live Chat conversations in accordance with whether they are open or closed into the appropriate tabs.
  • Live Chat widget now displays better on mobile devices.
  • Both the Live Chat and Instant Messaging interfaces have been improved.
  • Files attached in Instant Messages now send more efficiently and effectively.

Admin & Other Tweaks to Maximize Efficiency

More Customer Service Tweaks - Sprint 13 - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Finally, Sprint 13 includes a ton of additional features and tweaks to help you better tailor your message management approach and crush customer service goals. Just a few of them include: 

  • Automation Merge: Automation features including templates, auto-responses and rules have all been merged into one Automation page. 
  • More Advanced Collision Detection: Users can now see when another team member is inside a ticket from the Main Ticket List, in order to avoid overlapping efforts. 
  • Company Settings in Admin Tab: Company settings have been transferred to the Admin tab, and only users with the appropriate permissions can view them. 
  • Improved User Permission Control: Users who only have access to the “My Tickets” tab can no longer view tickets assigned to other users. 
  • “Day of Week” Condition in Rules: Want to apply different SLA settings during weekends or assign tickets to specific users on certain days of the week? You can now do so with our new “Day of Week” condition. 
  • Auto-Saved Message Drafts: This one may seem small, but it’s incredibly useful. Draft messages will now auto-save every few seconds, so you don’t have to retype your message if you leave and come back to it later. 
  • Better Ticket Printing: We’ve dramatically upgraded our interface for printing out tickets.
  • “Block Customer” Button Moved: The “Block Customer” button has been moved from the bottom of Customer Details to the Username dropdown. 
  • Even more… 

Sprint 13 Final Thoughts

And as always, all of the new features, tools and improvements in the Sprint 13 release are available at no additional cost to every Replyco customer. We hope you enjoy the new update, and if you have any questions about our software, please don’t hesitate to reach out any time

Not yet a Replyco user? With our no-risk, no-credit-card-required, 7-day free trial and more customized SLA and chat management, there’s never been a better time to give us a try! Get started today or take a tour of our features to learn more. 

Artem Verovenko

About the author: Artem Verovenko

Artem is passionate about helping online retailers streamline their customer service. He currently serves as CEO of Replyco and previously spent more than 9 years helping Linnworks, the U.K.’s largest multi-channel software provider, scale to 3,000 eCommerce customers. Artem graduated with honors from London School of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, management and operations. Follow Artem on LinkedIn.


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