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Brainery | | Sprint 12 Offers Fruugo Integration, Telegram Messaging & Enhanced User-Experience

Sprint 12 Offers Fruugo Integration, Telegram Messaging & Enhanced User-Experience

ecommercerelease notestools | February 1, 2021
Sprint 12 - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Sprint 12 offers users a plethora of new features that multichannel sellers are sure to love, including Fruugo integration, Telegram, eBay notes and more.

Sprint 12 is officially here! We’re so excited to share with you the latest and greatest Replyco updates and improvements to help you better serve your customers and get back to doing what you do best. eCommerce sellers looking to expand their global reach will be thrilled with our Fruugo and Telegram integrations, while eBay sellers specializing in custom orders will have improved access to customer preferences. With a complete overhaul of the Tickets screen and overall performance improvements in search results, marketplace synchronization and ticket processing speed, there’s a lot to love in our latest update. Let’s jump right into it!

[BETA] Fruugo Marketplace Integration

Fruugo Integration - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

With over 25 million active monthly users across 46 different countries, Fruugo is quickly becoming a major player in the global eCommerce game. Since two-thirds of all Fruugo sales are cross-border, sellers on this platform will enjoy Replyco’s one-click translation capability into 50+ languages. 

The Fruugo integration seamlessly imports all of your messages into our convenient and user-friendly inbox, alongside detailed customer data for easy access to order information all in one place. Fruugo sellers will benefit from the many perks that Replyco has to offer for optimal customer support, including:

  • Quick and simple integration setup.
  • The ability to synchronize order data and respond to customers directly within Replyco.
  • Marketplace reports to help make more data-driven decisions.

[BETA] Telegram Messenger Integration

Telegram Integration - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world. As one of the fastest messenger apps on the market, Telegram was built with both speed and security in mind. Replyco uses Telegram’s fully encrypted API, allowing customers to connect with you safely and securely. 

Instant messaging applications are quickly becoming consumers’ preferred method for customer service. With the Telegram integration, your team can access and respond to customer messages directly within Replyco’s Instant Messaging tab. Benefits of integrating Replyco with Telegram include:

  • Convenience — customers can chat with you from virtually any mobile device or computer.
  • Utility — Instantly send and receive files of ANY type for powerful helpdesk support.
  • Speed — Reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction with ultra-fast messaging capabilities. 
  • Simplicity — Integrating your Telegram account with Replyco is easy and only takes a few minutes.

eBay Buyer Notes for Custom Order Requests

eBay Buyer Notes - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

If your business specializes in any type of custom orders, such as handmade jewelry or made-to-order clothing, you’ll love this new feature. 

eBay buyer notes help ensure that your customers’ order preferences are acknowledged while adding yet another layer of accessibility, giving you greater certainty that no messages will fall through the cracks.

Any specifications for a custom order or preferences requested by customers through eBay are now viewable within the Order Details section of an eBay ticket. For example, if you sell various colors of collectible mugs and a buyer asks that you send a green mug if red is sold out, this message can now be easily accessed in Replyco. Learn more about our eBay integration.

Ticket Page User Interface Design Overhaul

New ticket user interface - Replyco Helpdesk Software for eCommerce

The new Replyco ticket page features some aesthetically pleasing changes and major design improvements to provide you with an overall better user experience. Some improvements include:

  • When you’re responding to tickets, the message composition box now stays in a fixed position on the screen, so you can scroll up to previous messages for more information while simultaneously composing your message draft.
  • A convenient dropdown arrow now appears in the center of every message preview to expand messages to their full view.
  • A new “Tags” button is located beneath the message composition screen.

Better Overall Performance

Replyco has been fine-tuned for faster and more efficient performance in three key areas for a better eCommerce helpdesk experience: order downloads, ticket processing and search.

  • Order data is fetched from marketplaces at a much more frequent rate.
  • Outgoing messages are sent to customers even more quickly.
  • Search speed has been improved for faster data retrieval.

Search for Tickets by Postal Code & Tracking Number

New search functionality gives users the power to conduct searches using postal codes and tracking numbers to locate related tickets. This comes in handy when you’re looking for messages related to a client’s account or a customer’s order — searching by postal code or tracking number can help you quickly track down the information you need.

Clickable Tracking Numbers for Linnworks Orders

Tickets associated with Linnworks orders now have clickable tracking numbers in the Order Details section of a ticket. This allows you to quickly access information on the courier’s website regarding the status of your delivery.  Learn more about our Linnworks integration.

Outgoing Messages & Auto-Responders Scheduled with a Delay Now Appear in the “Delayed” Ticket Tab

Any messages or auto-responders that are scheduled to be sent on a delay will now appear in the “Delayed” ticket tab. This adjustment allows you to more easily view, edit or delete a scheduled message before it’s automatically sent to a recipient. 

For instance, if you’re out of the office for a few hours and receive a ticket, it may trigger a delayed auto-response. Or perhaps you scheduled a response, but realized soon after that you made a mistake. You can now more easily access and revise these messages. 

Quick External Access to Historical Amazon Data 

As a new Replyco user, you might only have access to a portion of your older conversations on Amazon. We resolved this to allow for a smoother transition into the Replyco system by adding an “Amazon Message URL” variable within the Order Details section of Amazon tickets. This link conveniently directs you to your historical data on in a new window so you can easily access your pre-Replyco Amazon conversations. 

Quicker and More Efficient Synchronization of eBay Cases & Feedback

Faster and more efficient downloads of cases and buyer feedback data allow for quicker eBay synchronization than ever before — giving you the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of your eBay store or seller account. 

And So Much More!

In this latest update we went above and beyond to improve the Replyco experience in so many aspects by making an array of improvements, tweaks and fixes including:

  • Enhanced Amazon and Cdiscount integration performance.
  • The ability to open full sized images in Tickets without having to scroll.
  • Improved Order ID search.
  • Optimized Linnworks ticket status identifiers. 
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Interested in digging deeper into the details? Head on over to our Replyco Changelog for a complete breakdown of what’s new in Sprint 12. 

Anything We Missed?

We hope that this update provides you with plenty of new features and fixes that make your Replyco experience even better. Was there something that you were hoping to see that we didn’t get to this time around? If so, we encourage you to head over to our Public Roadmap  where you can see a full breakdown of what’s in store for the future, as well as submit your own update requests and vote on other Replyco users’ suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Not yet a Replyco user, but interested in experiencing next-level eCommerce customer support? Have a look at our Features page to gain a fuller understanding of exactly what Replyco can do to help you increase customer satisfaction and take back control of your customer communications. When you’re ready, sign up for a Free Trial and we’ll be happy to demonstrate what makes Replyco the best eCommerce helpdesk on the market.

Artem Verovenko

About the author: Artem Verovenko

Artem is passionate about helping online retailers streamline their customer service. He currently serves as CEO of Replyco and previously spent more than 9 years helping Linnworks, the U.K.’s largest multi-channel software provider, scale to 3,000 eCommerce customers. Artem graduated with honors from London School of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, management and operations. Follow Artem on LinkedIn.


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