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Wish integration, auto-responders and templates for live chat and social media, now available on Replyco

From Wish.com integration to auto-responders for live chat, Telegram and social media channels, to a new “Fallbacks” feature, our latest release is designed to make servicing your customers faster, easier and more intuitive. Let’s go!

Replyco Announces Etsy Marketplace Integration

From same screen order data, to team collaboration and SLA support, read how Replyco can help you manage customer messages from Etsy, the fastest growing online retailer.

Amazon feedback announced with Replyco Sprint 15

From Amazon feedback requests to user role management, file drag and drop, and team mentions, Sprint 15 helps you stay on top of your reputation with better customer service.

Sprint 14 Focuses on Instagram, Intuitive Features & Linnworks At-Risk Order Detection

From Instagram to Linnworks at-risk order detection and smart filters, Sprint 14 is designed to make servicing your customers faster, easier, and more intuitive.

November 3, 2021 - ecommercerelease notestools

How Rinkit Crushes Customer Support Goals

Discover how Rinkit uses Replyco helpdesk software for eCommerce to keep customer support on point and organise messaging.


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